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Beyni Hamza

Senior Software Developer




Beyni is a full stack developer with 6 years of experience in the software sphere. He has developed a variety of applications for industries like HR, parking management, telecom, etc. He has the combined experience of working with both product and service-based companies. He is adept in technologies like Java, Angular, AWS, etc. He is good at communicating with clients and has worked as an individual contributor and as a team lead as well.

Cristian Gabriel Lupascu

Software Developer





Cristian is a full-stack developer with a lot of experience on the backend who is highly skilled at tech like Java and Python. Besides these, he's also worked with Android, Angular, NodeJS, GoLang, etc. With about 3 years of experience under his belt, he has worked on a number of projects across firms. He's worked as a sole developer as well as a consultant in past projects and is an amazing addition to teams in both of these roles along with being a great team player.

Jeff Lei

Software Developer




Jeff is a software engineer having around 8 years of experience and specializes in web application development. He is proficient in Python, Django, Node, and also at frontend technologies like Javascript, Typescript, React, Vue, GraphQL. He also has some experience in devops such as Jenkins, Travis Build and Docker.

Vineetha Venugopal

Software Developer




Vineetha is an NIT Jaipur (top-tier engineering college in India) alumni having 6+ years of experience in software development with the likes of Samsung R&D, Shop101 & Infosys. She specializes in highly scalable, real-time Android applications with experience in Java, C# & database technologies.

Kashish Goyal

Software Developer


C++. AngularJS

Kashish, a brilliant developer, is a Robotics graduate from Northwestern University. With an experience of over 5+ years, his work across top companies like Siemens and Kindred prove his caliber. He is an adaptable developer with his skillset ranging in Python, AngularJS, C++, Docker, Flask, HTML/CSS, PWA, ReactJS.

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Grayden Smith

Senior Software Developer




Grayden Smith has 9+ years in software development and system administration, including 5+ years of team leadership experience. He is an Experienced designer of software applications from the initial concept to production use in collaboration with stakeholders. His personal interests include community service and soccer.

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“I’ve been pleased with Purab’s performance and work ethics. He is proactive in flagging any issues and communicates well. The time zone difference is huge but he provides a sufficient overlap. He and I work together very well and I appreciate his expertise.”

Paul Cikatricis

UX and Conversion Optimization Lead

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How to hire the best Software Developers?

Software Development is the creation of software or applications using computer technologies. It involves the processes of designing, programming, testing and debugging the software. It is a collection of instructions that tells the computer what to do.

If you’re looking to hire software developers, this guide will come in handy. We’ve included everything you need to know about hiring a freelance software developer.

  • The world's first piece of software was developed by computer scientist Tom Kilburn in 1948 at the University of Manchester in England. It was programmed to perform mathematical calculations using machine code instructions.
  • Fortran, one of the very first higher-level programming languages, was originally published in 1957 for scientific and engineering calculations.
  • The development of applications in today's industry uses the Software Development Life Cycle process to design, develop, test and maintain software.
  • Old programing languages like C,C++ are still in use and younger programming languages like Java, Python have been used to make number applications worldwide.

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