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Mia Arx

Web Developer


Vanilla JS

Mia is a full stack developer with over 7 years of experience in the industry. Mia is an observant and articulate specialist with a passion for the projects and technologies she works on. Software according to Mia, is a form of art with which anyone can make a difference in the world. A competent professional, Mia has a vast skillset ranging from PHP, Node, MySQL, Nginx among many others.

Taylor Chen

Web Developer



Taylor has been working in web development since 2012, during which he's worked in big consultancy companies as well as start-ups. He is a motivated and self-taught professional who likes to solve problems. He is an adept developer with a versatile skillset with expertise in Fullstack, AWS, and Blockchain. A seasoned professional with a strong work ethic, Taylor can help you turn your vision into reality.

Jacobo Jaramillo

Fullstack Web Developer





Jacobo is a Full Stack developer with 2 years of experience in the software industry. He is an expert in technologies like Docker, ReactJS, NodeJS etc. Over his career, he has created an impact with his work in multiple industries. He has worked as an individual contributor for most of his projects. He has experience in designing the architecture for small software systems as well.

Louis Ye

Senior Web Developer



As a developer with +8 years of solid experience, Louis has worked on a wide spectrum of projects dealing with diverse tasks in many different industries. Louis' goal is to be essential in support of the business strategy and ensure that technology solutions are aligned with the long-term strategy. Throughout his career, Louis has always emphasized on high-quality and sustainable code using the most optimal practices.

Ron Wang

Senior Web Developer



Ruby on Rails

Ron Wang has over a decade's experience in building solutions for business environments where full-stack skills, creative thinking, and attention to detail are key, and fast turnaround is paramount. Throughout his career, he's worked on multiple teams as a core developer and loves to solve real-word problems. Along with an exemplary work ethic, Ron bring his hands-on experience with his versatile skillset..

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Rohit Agarwal

Senior Web Developer




Rohit is a full stack developer with 7+ years of experience. He is a competent specialist with expertise in frontend, backend as well as Android Development with various tech stacks. Rohit is a creative innovator who enjoys the development process of building products from scratch He is a capable professional with a deft ability to harness his skillset and create custom applications suitable for the business needs.

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“I’ve been pleased with Purab’s performance and work ethics. He is proactive in flagging any issues and communicates well. The time zone difference is huge but he provides a sufficient overlap. He and I work together very well and I appreciate his expertise.”

Paul Cikatricis

UX and Conversion Optimization Lead

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How to hire the best Web Developers?

Web Development is the designing, creating and maintaining web applications or web pages for the internet, or an intranet. It has a vast scope ranging from web designing, web programming to database management. There are a wide variety of tools used by developers to carry out different tasks in the world of web development.

If you’re looking to hire web developers, this guide will come in handy. We’ve included everything you need to know about hiring a freelance web developer.

  • The World Wide Web (WWW) was invented by a British Scientist Tim Berners-Lee while working at the European Council for Nuclear Research (CERN) back in 1989.
  • Berners-Lee along with his colleague Robert Cailliau created the first web pages, developed the first web client (browser), wrote the first web server.
  • On 30th April 1993, CERN released the Web to the world as open source software and by late 1993, new websites for the mainstream public began opening up on the web.
  • Through the 1990s and well into the 2000s the internet started getting popular with the public and tools such as JavaScript, Flash, CSS (cascading style sheets) emerged for web development.
  • With the rise of smartphones, a new avenue emerged in web development through mobile browsers. We now see a rise in hybrid technology combining mobile and native web applications where languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS are still used.

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