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In the United States of America, the average Azure developer salary is $118,618/year and can range between $77-$184k/yr. While this varies based on multiple factors, the average junior and senior Azure developer salaries are $103k/yr and $139k/yr respectively.

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  • Azure developer salaries - huge variations across specializations

  • Azure developer salaries in the United States typically vary from $77k to $184k, according to Glassdoor. The average yearly Azure developer income in the United States is $118,618 per year, making it one of the highest paying tech jobs. The average starting income for an Azure developer is $103,265/year, with the lowest known salary being $68k/year, and highest around $159k/yr. Senior developer wages have risen to as much as $217k per year, however the average compensation for a senior developer is around $139k.

    However, the data collected across platforms is not consistent. According to ZipRecruiter, the average yearly compensation for an Azure developer is around $108k, with a salary range of $52k to $184k, the upper limit being the same as Glassdoor. We were unfortunately not able to find data for the salary of a junior and senior Azure developer on ZipRecruiter.

    While the data on Talent.com were closer to Glassdoor (average annual salary on Talent.com - $122k) than ZipRecruiter, there was still a significant discrepancy between the salaries for different categories. According to Talent.com, the range is $107-$150k/year, making Azure developers one of the most desirable and well-paid positions in the United States. The graph above depicts Azure developer salaries by experience level across the three platforms.

Azure Developer Salary By Location


Comparing Azure developer salaries across countries in various continents, we noticed quite a sizable contrast in the salary from one region to the next.

Regions like Australia and USA had salaries of close to and above $100k/yr. On the other hand, Egypt was below $5k/yr and India close to $10k/yr. Various factors like cost of living affect these rates.

As a company, if you are looking to hire Azure developers, you should surely consider checking out developers across regions before picking.

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Azure Developer Salary vs Other Technologies


We compared Azure developer salaries to other technologies and the amount was slightly higher than other related tech like AWS. It was also comparable with some software development tech as shown in the graph.

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