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Kashish Goyal

Senior Angular Developer




Kashish is a brilliant developer with an experience of over 5+ years, his work across top companies like Siemens and Kindred proves his calibre. He is an adaptable developer with skillset ranging in Python, Angular, C++, Docker, Flask, HTML/CSS, and ReactJS. With hands-on skills and an exemplary work ethic, he is focused on helping you reach your goal.

Ron Wang

Angular Developer




Ron is a full stack developer with experience of 11 years. He is a polyglot developer adept at technologies like ReactJS, Angular, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails, Django, React Native, AWS, etc. He has developed applications for a variety of industries like travel, transport, health care, etc. He is an engineer with experience in working with both service and product-based firms.

Noa Kim

Senior Angular Developer





Noa is a full stack developer with 11 years of experience in the IT industry. He is an expert in technologies like ReactJS, Redux, VueJS, VanillaJS, PHP, Laravel, etc. He has developed a wide range of applications across industries like fashion, media, food, etc. Over his career, he has exposed his skills to multinational companies like Uber, Guardian, etc.

James Bane

Senior Angular Developer




James is a full stack developer with experience of 8 years in the software industry. He has worked with a diverse variety of industries like sports, cryptocurrencies, real estate, etc. He is adept in technologies like ReactJS, Angular, NodeJS, Python, etc. He is a remote work experienced software professional with the capability of executing the roles of an individual contributor.

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Abdul Bari Mohammad

Angular Developer




Abdul is a fullstack developer with 4 years of experience in the software industry. He is an expert in JavaScript and its frameworks like NodeJS, ReactJS, AngularJS and other technologies like AWS, Python. Over his career, he has worked in a different kinds of projects also leading a team of his own. He's a system design expertise with excellent communication skills. He is remote experienced and worked as an individual contributor in projects.

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Depth in past work

Relevant exposure
Complexity of products built

As a first step, the application is reviewed for their experience and complexity of products built. Those with depth in their work and have worked on extensive projects are moved to the next round.

Technical test

Technical knowledge

The candidate is next asked to take a technical test in a skill of their choice. The test includes skill-specific problems in a timed test to evaluate their ability to comprehend & solve tricky use cases.

Live interview

Expertise in specific skills

Over one or more F2F interviews, the applicant's involvement & performance in building complex software products are assessed.<br><br> This sets the platform to delve deeper into more skill-specific discussions, where core concepts of the relevant technology are tested.

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