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The average backend developer salary is $82,284 per year in the United States of America. In the country, a junior developer can expect to earn around $73k/yr and a senior backend developer would earn an average annual salary of around $107k/yr.

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  • A backend developer in the United States earns around $82,284 per year on average. These costs range from $51k to $133k a year and vary further depending on factors such as the developer's expertise and the location of the company for which they work.

    A junior or entry level backend developer, for example, would earn around $73,091 per year, while rates can be as low as $46k/yr and as high as $117k/yr. A senior developer, on the other hand, earns approximately $109,767 per year, with incomes ranging from $68k to $173k.

    We analyzed data from two other websites to get information about backend developer wages, and there was a significant disparity between the three sites. For example, Ziprecruiter estimates that a junior backend developer salary will be around $69k per year.

    This is arguably similar to the Glassdoor number for a junior developer, however the income for a senior developer is indicated as $128k, which is significantly higher than the $107k according to Glassdoor. Also, the junior developer compensation on Talent.com is considerably higher than the amount on ZipRecruiter, at $81k/yr. The range for the junior developer salary is $41-$85k/yr according to ZipRecruiter and $65k-$127k/yr according to Talent.com.

    Senior backend developer salaries across the three platforms are as follows: Glassdoor: $107k/yr, ZipRecruiter: $128k/yr, and Talent.com: $135k/yr on average.

Backend Developer Salary By Location


Aside from experience levels, the pay of backend developers varies significantly by region. Backend developers in more developed regions like North America earn significantly more than their counterparts in Asia or Africa, as illustrated in this graph of backend developer earnings by geography.

For example, while the average salary in Australia and Germany is around USD 70k, Glassdoor reported a yearly average wage of USD 7k in Egypt. There are also regional differences within each of these countries.

These disparities are generally proportional to the respective regions' cost of living. While costs vary, the quality of talent does not always vary as much, and exceptional talent can be found in less expensive regions.

If your company plans to hire Backend developers, it is worth considering reviewing developers from various regions before making a hiring decision.

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Backend Developer Salary vs Other Technologies


Backend and frontend developer salaries are almost the same at $82 and $84k/yr respectively. However, these amounts seem to be less than the other salaries we've analyzed. But, this could be because backend developer salaries are an average of multiple different backend tech and across experience levels.

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