The People Behind All the Magic!

  • Alia
    Alia Baig
    People Relations
    Alia is the People & Culture Manager at Flexiple. She loves coming up with new ways of creating and improving people dynamics, productivity, and engagement to make ...
    team life more fun.

    She holds a Business Administration degree from the University of Goa. She has since been living in Mumbai where she enjoys her free time chilling with her dog, Binx.
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  • Ancil
    Ancil Eric
    SEO & NoCode
    Ancil handles SEO and No-Code at Flexiple. He holds an Aeronautical degree, but has forgotten why. He’s fascinated by startups and the disruption they can cause. ...

    Apart from all this, tech & sports will always have him at the edge of his seat. He is also a die-hard Barcelona & McLaren fan and wanted you to know that he misses Messi.
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  • Anjali
    Anjali Vanga
    Community & Content
    Anjali works on filtering talent for Flexiple & writing content for Remote Tools. She is a recent engineering graduate from NIT Trichy. She likes to describe herself as a ...
    free-spirited ambivert who loves coffee, sweets, and more than anything - reading books.

    An aspiring cook with a massive love for Physics, she is waiting for the day when she doesn't burn her lunch!
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  • Anusha
    Anusha Chandrasekaran
    Team Lead
    Anusha leads a team of Flexiplers to drive work around matching freelancers to the curated projects at Flexiple. She is passionate about optimizing processes, and ...
    is always suggesting improvements.

    She is an Anna University graduate with a specialization in Biotechnology. If you spot her somewhere, it is very likely that she's listening to & discovering new music.
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  • Aravind
    Aravind Selvan
    Team Lead
    Aravind is a team lead who is responsible for the successful conversion of client requirements by matching the right talent. He holds an Engineering Degree from ...
    Amrita University.

    He likes to have conversations about tech gadgets, and is a big supporter of his home team, CSK.
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  • Ayesha
    Ayesha Rathi
    Talent Success
    Ayesha is a Community Manager and handles coordination with the freelancers at Flexiple. She holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from St. Xavier's ...
    University, Kolkata.

    She loves to binge-watch and is always on a hunt to find time for it. Oh also, she enjoys exploring nature through the lens of her camera.
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  • Davidson
    Davidson W
    Talent Matching
    David is a New Initiatives Lead at Flexiple. He works on planning and problem-solving various initiatives at the company. A lover of automobiles, he holds a Mechanical ...
    Engineering degree.

    He enjoys good food and likes to read in his free time. When he isn’t doing that, one can find him trying to get better at his guitar, keyboard or drums!
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  • Gurpreet
    Gurpreet Kaur
    Illustrations & Design
    Gurpreet works as an Illustrator at Flexiple. She sketches out new ideas and creates quality illustrations for Scale. Along with a Bachelor’s in Computer Applications, ...
    she holds a Diploma in Web Design and Development.

    She enjoys watching Netflix and listening to music.
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  • Haripriya
    Haripriya Loganathan
    Talent Screening Expert
    Haripriya is the Head Of Community at Flexiple. She has worked on hiring, growing, and training the team. She's fascinated with business and loves the thrills associated ...
    with startups.

    An engineering grad from Amrita University, she’s also a fitness and cooking enthusiast. She is lucky to have someone who loves her more than themself (he’s got a wet nose and a wagging tail :))
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  • Haripriyas
    Haripriya Sankar
    Talent Success
    Haripriya works as a Community Manager at Flexiple. She’s responsible for handling the complete freelancer onboarding pipeline. An Anna University alum, she holds a ...
    B.Tech in Biotechnology.

    She is a nature lover and enjoys listening to songs. You’ll probably be introduced to her cats soon after meeting her :P
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  • Hrishikesh
    Hrishikesh Pardeshi
    Hrishikesh is the co-founder of Flexiple and loves everything tech, marketing & startups. Before founding Flexiple, he worked as a software engineer at Adobe & ...

    Outside of work, he loves reading on the web, peaceful long walks, and writing short & long-form opinion pieces.
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  • Karthik
    Karthik Sridharan
    Karthik is the Co-Founder at Flexiple and leads Marketing & Product. He has immersed himself deep into the startup ecosystem to forget that he ever worked ...
    in Investment Banking :P

    He enjoys music, watching Nadal play tennis and hanging out with dogs.
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  • Nimisha
    Nimisha Sood
    Talent Success
    Nimisha is a Community Manager at Flexiple. She recently completed her MSc in Finance and Risk from the University of Dundee, Scotland. A creative person, she loves ...
    traveling and adventure sports.

    She believes ‘experiences’ are the best teachers in life. When you open yourself to new ones, the sky is your limit.
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  • Pradeep
    Pradeep P
    Client Success
    Pradeep is skilled in management, teamwork, and Microsoft Excel. He has a Bachelor's in Engineering (ECE) from the College of Engineering, Guindy. ...

    He neither gives up nor gets intimidated by anything. A focused individual, he gets things done.
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  • Rebecca
    Rebecca Ferrao
    Content & SEO
    Rebecca worked on building a community of freelancers at Flexiple. She is the content editor at Remote Tools and a mean keyword researcher. A multilingual bibliophile, ...

    A multilingual bibliophile, she loves to write, garden, play and listen to music. She's had over 8 different types of pets and can cook up everything except tea.
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  • Rocket
    Rocket S
    Chief Happiness Officer
    Rocket is an energetic, cute, always happy and cleverly manipulative individual. When Flexiple worked in an office space, he ensured everyone was always in their best ...

    Now, he occasionally attends online meetings actively. Otherwise, you can always see him chilling in the background of Karthik's room.
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  • Roshni
    Roshni Arunkumar
    Client Sales
    Roshni is a New Initiatives Lead in the sales team at Flexiple. She works closely with clients to help them find the right talent for their businesses. Along with an MBA ...
    from IFMR GSB, she also holds an engineering degree from SSN College of Engineering.

    She enjoys cooking, traveling, and binge-watching TV shows in her free time.
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  • Shahul
    Shahul Rashik
    Product and Community
    Shahul is a Community Manager at Flexiple. He handles the various product building initiatives at Remote Tools. Moreover, he is passionate about marketing, growth, ...
    product management and entrepreneurship. He is a graduate from CEG, Anna University.

    In his spare time, he enjoys watching Netflix, playing football, and reading non-fiction books.
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  • Srinidhi
    Srinidhi V
    Talent Success
    Srinidhi is a New Initiatives Lead at Flexiple and handles freelancer communication. With a diverse background in Biotechnology, IT and Management, she loves learning. ...

    She is currently pursuing her MBA from Liverpool Business School. She's also an ardent book lover who is fascinated by fictional works.
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  • Surya bj
    Surya BJ
    Talent Success
    Surya works as a Community Manager at Flexiple. He handles operations around onboarding freelancers into Flexiple's curated community. He's a recent Engineering grad ...
    from NIT Trichy.

    With a deep interest in the various facets of the world of business, he joined the team to learn all about startups. He also enjoys traveling and playing badminton.
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  • Suvansh
    Suvansh Bansal
    Suvansh is the Co-Founder at Flexiple and leads sales, customer success, and operations. He started building the business while completing his MBA from IIMA. ...
    Prior to that, he had worked in the industry for 3 years.

    He likes reading about European football. You might often find him critiquing everything related to Manchester United.
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  • Vishal
    Vishal Chandrasekaran
    Client Sales
    Vishal believes in making a customer, not a sale, at Flexiple. He works on finding freelancers and clients as needed. When on a break, you can spot him experimenting with ...

    When on a break, you can spot him experimenting with weird chord progressions (in a broken posture).
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  • Vivek
    Vivek Shivakumar
    Talent Success
    Vivek works as a Community Manager at Flexiple. He is responsible for onboarding quality freelancers. He graduated with an Engineering Degree from NIT Trichy. ...

    Having a deep appreciation for a broad range of topics, he loves films, music, and reading.
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