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At Flexiple, freelance developers work on JavaScript developer jobs with top tech startups & companies. All the jobs are fully remote, with your payments protected by Flexiple.


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Why JavaScript Developers choose to work with Flexiple

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    Work From Anywhere

    Work from Anywhere

    All clients hiring through Flexiple's network hire for remote roles, giving developers the freedom to choose any location to work from.

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    Handpicked projects with Top Companies

    Handpicked projects with Top Companies

    Once you become a part of the Flexiple network, we will handpick projects that best suit your skillsets. Save time. Save Energy.

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    Always Get Paid On Time

    Always Get Paid On Time

    Once your rates are set, Flexiple takes care of the invoicing with clients, ensuring developers receive payments on time, every time.

Description of a Remote JavaScript Developer Job

  • General information

    Looking for a JavaScript developer to work on a platform that provides logistics and supply chain services. Need a ReactJS developer to speed up the product development efforts. Currently there is a 20-member tech team working fully remotely.
  • About the client

    The client is a venture-backed freight logistics firm based out of Indonesia. They have a team of 20+ engineers.

    Their apps are built to provide real-time tracking and data insights to their customers amongst other features.
  • Your role

    1. You would work independently or with their in-house devs as and when necessary.

    2. You would work on UI enhancements and also develop new frontend modules.

    3. You would also work on API integration to the backend and other services

    4. You would be conducting performance tests and performance improvement for their user interface on web and mobile.

    5. You should have a strong understanding of and experience with high scale and high-performance distributed systems
  • Other details

    1. The hiring process would involve 2 rounds of interviews which include a live-coding session as well.

    2. It would be appreciated if you have previously worked on apps related to supply chain, inventory & vehicle tracking.
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    “Working with Flexiple has been awesome! Flexiple has connected me with great minds and allowed me to work on projects that directly affect millions of people. Their team frequently checks on me and ensures my payments are on time.”
    Archibold, Developer
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    “Flexiple is a great source of high-quality projects with awesome companies. Mr. Suvansh and the team communicate well and ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible. Compared with other talent networks, I am very happy with Flexiple and hope to continue working with them for years to come.”
    Imad, Developer

Remote JavaScript Developer Jobs from the Flexiple Network

Work with top startups & companies.

4 Simple Steps to Become a JavaScript Developer at Flexiple

Our process is aligned to ensure that we do most of the heavy-lifting while you quickly get started on working on remote projects.
  • Fill a short form for react developers
  • Flexiple screening process for React developers
  • Multiple ReactJS Job offers
  • Start working on dream ReactJS jobs

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Guide To Getting Remote JavaScript Developer Jobs

  • What is the scope for a freelance JavaScript developer?

    JavaScript is steadily expanding its hold on the overall software industry and being fast and scalable, the demand for JavaScript developers is increasing every day.
    In 2021, LinkedIn reported ~44,000 JavaScript developers jobs every month in the US only.

  • What are the skills required to become a JavaScript developer?

    Before you start looking for a remote JavaScript developer job, you must master the skills required for it. These are a few skills that would help you get started.

    1. jQuery

    jQuery is a JavaScript library designed to simplify HTML DOM tree traversal and manipulation, as well as event handling, CSS animation, and Ajax.

    2. HTML + CSS

    • Build elements using semantic HTML
    • Strong understanding of CSS selector and CSS reset
    • Hands-on experience using the Box model and how to reset to border-box
    • Experience working with highly responsive interfaces
    • Understanding of Flexbox
    • Experience working with media queries

  • Benefits of working on a JavaScript developer job through Flexiple?

    The benefits of JavaScript developer jobs via Flexiple are:

    Work with Top Companies and Startups:

    Our clients involve top startups from around the world that work with cutting-edge technologies. These jobs would help you keep up with technologies and ensure great compensation packages.

    Career Growth:

    Working with startups would involve solving challenging technical and business problems. This would ensure that you are on the right trajectory for your career growth.

    Remote Work:

    All our remote JavaScript developer jobs are completely remote. This not only allows you to work from anywhere but also allows you to work with startups all over the world.

    Great Compensation:

    Working with unicorns and top companies around the world, Flexiple’s JavaScript developers receive a hefty compensation package.
  • What are the various roles and responsibilities of JavaScript developers?

    A JavaScript Developer is in charge of all duties related to the front-end platform, developing designs for complicated applications and analyzing code. This includes optimizing applications, ensuring UI/UX feasibility, and implementing API designs and architecture.

    These are some other responsibilities you should be aware of before applying for an offline/ remote JavaScript developer jobs:
    • Implementing the front-end logic that defines the behavior of the visual elements of a web application.
    • Optimizing applications and implementing API designs and architecture.
    • Write, modify, and debug web applications.
    • Develop new user-facing features.
  • How to get remote JavaScript developer jobs?

    Flexiple can help you get the best remote JavaScript developer Jobs. Our onboarding process is tailor-made to help us understand you and your skill sets. Once onboarded, we reach out to you with projects that are the best fitting for you. Such jobs would not only facilitate an environment for growth but also ensure that you are financially and mentally satisfied. Apply to Flexiple and join our community of Top freelance developers.
  • How to become a JavaScript developer at Flexiple?

    Flexiple follows a simple 3-step onboarding process. The steps are as follows:
    • Fill out our onboarding form
    • A short 15min onboarding call
    • A technical call
    The entire process is based on helping us understand you better. Once onboarded we reach out to you with the best remote JavaScript developer jobs.

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