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Why Blockchain Developers choose to work with Flexiple

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    Work From Anywhere

    Work from Anywhere

    All clients hiring through the Flexiple network hire for remote roles giving you the freedom to choose any location to work from.

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    Handpicked projects with Top Companies

    Handpicked projects with Top Companies

    Once you become a part of the Flexiple network, we will handpick projects that best suit your skillsets. Save time. Save Energy.

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    Always Get Paid On Time

    Always Get Paid On Time

    Once you set your rates, Flexiple takes care of all invoicing with clients, ensuring you receive payments on time, every time.

Remote Blockchain Developer Jobs from the Flexiple Network

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Description of a Remote Blockchain Developer Job

  • General information

    The project is with a financial service firm that owns a SaaS platform for Flash loans for traders. Their platform is enabling flash-loans in Avalanche. They are looking for a blockchain engineer to help them in deploying complex smart contract systems in Ethereum mainnet.

  • About the client

    The client is a UK-based startup, and they are building a platform built for Flash loans for traders. They are the first to bring flash loans to Avalanche C-Chain. The blockchain developer they are looking for needs to have prior experience deploying complex smart contract systems to the Ethereum mainnet.

  • Your role

    1. You would be responsible for extending MVP smart contracts and testing them.

    2. You would be implementing the system architecture.

    3. You would be responsible to fork from existing contracts (eg Aave lending pool), and support the design process.

    4. You will be implementing periphery/factory contracts and dealing with unit testing, and stubs.

  • Other details

    1. The hiring process would involve a discussion with their tech POC.

    2. You need to have a deep understanding of the Ethereum Virtual Machine and prior experience deploying complex smart contract systems to the Ethereum mainnet.

    3. The client would appreciate if you have prior experience implementing complex math in Solidity and writing wrappers for NodeJS/Python integration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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