Full-time freelancing experience – An Ex-Microsoft engineer speaks

Gayathri Vishwanathan

Gayathri Vishwanathan

Passionate about sales. Loves reading.

Gently lapping waves and the screams of seagulls. The salty air teasing the nostrils. What is more relaxing than listening to the weird and wonderful sounds of the deep ocean while not missing out on work? “A good thing I remember, last 4 or 5 days I was in Goa and I still managed to do my work as well as enjoy my holidays.” For Ankur, an ex-Microsoft engineer, one of the most exciting things when it comes to freelancing at Flexiple is being able to work when he wants, where he wants, and how he wants.


Ankur has always been on a look-out for engaging and meaningful work. Even while working as an engineer at Microsoft and other big MNCs, he realized the importance of being challenged in the workplace.

Tempted by the opportunity to have an accelerated learning curve, he moved into a start-up environment. He soon realized that this entailed working 16–18 hours every day.

“So I wanted the startup learning curve but not at the cost of this aspect (of no work-life balance). I also needed some free time to go on a trek or if I had to go somewhere to a wedding or something.” This realization helped him take the decision to move into Freelancing and Consulting.

With almost no prior experience in freelancing, he was not sure if this was the right way forward. What if he was unable to find enough projects to sustain himself comfortably? What if the pay was erratic? Such questions haunted him in the beginning.

Though the landscape was foreign, the explorer in Ankur did not give up without trying. At Flexiple, he can choose the projects he wants to work on and gets compensated regularly, on a weekly basis. “I think this is a good model where you get compensated for the work you do, in the right way.” Now, he does what he loves — code — without worrying about searching for projects.

“I do what I do best. I don’t have to hunt for projects — Flexiple helps me a lot in that.”

Ankur enjoys not having to be a part of the rat-race — the daily grind, long commutes, and corporate cubicles. The flexible working hours and a location-independent job allow him to work from Goa’s beaches! “Flexiple is perfectly aligned to what I needed.”

Being a novice at freelancing, he felt the need to have someone help him navigate the unfamiliar territory. As Flexiple believes in partnering with its freelancers rather than having a mere transactional relationship, Hrishikesh came into the picture. “I keep calling Hrishikesh for protocols that I am not aware of.” Helpful and interactive, he ensures quick resolution of any minor issues between Ankur and his clients. All this and more has made Ankur keen to welcome more of his friends to Flexiple as his network of freelancers grows.

Flexiple offers Ankur the work he is great at. There is variety, freedom, clear tasks, and constant feedback. He might be working remotely, but he still enjoys the benefits of having supportive colleagues. And most of all, working with Flexiple allows him to lead a life he has always desired!

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