Apply as a freelancer

How we select the Top 1%

Our carefully designed continuous screening process involving multiple F2F interviews and technical evaluations ensures we only onboard the best to our community.

Check for Skills & Past Work

We focus on the content and not the presentation

We start the process by reviewing the applicant’s core expertise, projects & education. Only candidates who display a considerable hold over a particular skill set & have worked on end-to-end projects are given an introductory call.

Check for Communication & Dedication

We understand the ‘what’ behind their career choices

Over an informal call, we check for the applicant’s ability to communicate in an effective and articulate manner. We also develop a deeper understanding of the candidates’ motivation behind choosing the freelancing route.

Check for Depth & Expertise Level

We assess if they can work seamlessly with our clients

Over multiple F2F discussions, we assess the candidate’s contribution to each project done by them as well as its associated complexity. To be sure, the candidates are additionally assessed basis their performance during a short test project.

Check for Reliability & Professionalism

We check if the candidates do what they commit to

We onboard only those candidates who display reliability without fail over the course of the screening process. Apart from that, we prune candidates who fail to adhere standards we and our clients expect of them.