Best Javascript Certifications and Courses

Javascript certifications and courses to ace your Javascript development skills!
Aditya Srivastava

Aditya Srivastava

31 Mar 2023

Type Name Code Level Offered By Price
Certification Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript Exam 98-382 Beginner Microsoft $0 Learn More
Certification CIW JavaScript Specialist 1D0-735 Beginner Certified Internet Web Professional $150 Learn More
Certification Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 70-480 Beginner Microsoft $0 Learn More
Certification W3Schools JavaScript Certificate NA Beginner W3Schools $95 Learn More
Certification JavaScript Institute - Certified JavaScript Developer CJSD Beginner JavaScript Institute $86 Learn More
Course HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers NA Beginner Coursera $0 Learn More
Course The Complete JavaScript Course 2023: From Zero to Expert! NA Beginner Udemy $189 Learn More
Course CSS & JavaScript - Certification Course for Beginners NA Beginner Udemy $49 Learn More
  • Javascript Certifications and Courses

  • These certifications and courses will help you become an Industry-ready Javascript developer:

    1Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript

    This exam, as the name suggests, was an introductory certification in JavaScript. However, it was retired in 2022. Offered by Microsoft, it tested candidates on their understanding of the basics of JavaScript such as syntax, data types, and basic problem-solving. It was a must to get the ‘MTA: Introduction to Programming Using JavaScript certification that has also been sunset.

    The exam measured the following skills:

    • Ability to program with JavaScript Operators, Methods, and Keywords (20-25%)
    • Ability to program with Variables, Data Types, and Functions (25-30%)
    • Implementing and Analyzing Decisions and Loops (20-25%)
    • Interacting with the Document Object Model (15-20%)
    • Interacting with HTML Forms (5-10%)

    Was offered by: Microsoft

    Code: Exam 98-382

    Cost: NA

    Level: Beginner


    2CIW JavaScript Specialist

    Offered by CIW (Certified Internet Web Professional) this JavaScript certification exam focuses on various concepts and skills to design client-side applications that are platform-independent. The exam covers topics like how JavaScript is used to communicate with users, modify the Document Object Model (DOM), control program flow, etc. CIW also offers a course to prepare for this.

    Skills assessed in the exam include:

    • JavaScript language essentials, such as program flow control, form validation, and event handling.
    • JavaScript code development, including writing programs and writing scripts.
    • Web site implementation.

    Exam Code: 1D0-735

    Number of Questions: 55

    Passing Score: 70.91%

    Time Limit: 90 minutes

    Cost: $150

    Level: Beginner


    3Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3

    Offered by Microsoft, this exam was also retired in 2021. It was meant for developers with at least a year of experience in HTML and JavaScript. Candidates were expected to have a good understanding of the following areas:

    • Managing program flow and events
    • Asynchronous programming
    • Data validation and working with data collections including JQuery
    • Handling errors and exceptions
    • Arrays and collections, etc.

    Code: 70-480


    Level: Beginner

    Cost: NA

    Offered by: Microsoft (sunset)

    4W3Schools JavaScript Certificate

    This is a certification offered by W3Schools for beginner JavaScript developers who wish to get their skills certified. W3Schools even offers a JavaScript course to help study for this examination although the course is optional and usually taken by someone learning JS from scratch only.

    It covers all the basics of HTML DOM and JavaScript.

    Format: MCQ

    No. of attempts: 2

    Duration: 70 mins

    Passing Score: 75%

    No. of questions: 70

    Cost: $95

    Level: Beginner


    5JavaScript Institute - Certified JavaScript Developer

    This certification comprehensively covers various JavaScript topics from a beginner to intermediate level under the areas of JavaScript Core, Server-Side JavaScript and JavaScript in Browser.

    Some of the concepts covered are:

    • Syntax, Keywords, Variables
    • Data Types
    • Expressions and Operators
    • Browser Object Model
    • Document Object Model

    The website also has tutorials to help you learn the course content.

    Exam code: CJSD

    Number of questions: 70 randomly generated

    Duration: 90 minutes

    Passing score: 70%

    Level: Beginner

    Format: MCQs where either one or more answers are correct, and free text

    Cost: €79 (in Euros, converted to dollars($86) in the above Table)


    6HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers

    This course covers concepts starting from learning how to use HTML and CSS to construct contemporary web pages and going on to write site codes so that its elements automatically rearrange and resize themselves in accordance with the size of the user's screen. You will be able to code a website such that it functions equally well on a desktop computer and a mobile device.

    It is a course offered by John Hopkins University on Coursera. Enrollment is free, but you’d have to pay to get certified.

    Offered by: John Hopkins University, Coursera

    Duration: 40hrs approximately

    Level: Beginner

    Rating: 4.7/5

    No. of students: 909k

    Cost: Free enrollment


    7The Complete JavaScript Course 2023: From Zero to Expert!

    As the name suggests, this is a course that offers to teach JavaScript from the very basic level to a more advanced level.

    It covers concepts like:

    • JavaScript Fundamentals (Operators, Functions, Object methods)
    • DOM, events and other aspects of JS in the browser
    • Data Structures, Modern Operators and Strings
    • A closer look at functions, etc.

    Ratings: 4.7/5

    No. of students: 758k

    Offered on: Udemy

    Duration: 69 hours

    Level: Beginner

    Cost: 189.99


    8CSS & JavaScript - Certification Course for Beginners

    This course is a very basic level course for beginners covering CSS and JavaScript topics. It extensively covers topics such as CSS Padding, Positioning, and Properties and also has practice projects.

    Under JavaScript, the course covers topics like DOM, Commenting, Operators, Strings and Arrays at a basic level.

    Duration: 3 hours

    Offered on: Udemy

    Level: Beginner

    Ratings: 4.3/5

    No. of students: 199k

    Cost: 49.99