Backend Developer at a FinTech Company

We are looking for a Backend Developer to work on developing applications on the server side for our multiple FinTech initiatives. If you are someone who loves to code and create applications, this might be the place to dig your hands into. You'll be working with our engineering teams to devise solutions that will impact our customer experience.

  • You will be writing readable and clear code using Python and JavaScript that will be extensively documented for future use and upgrades.
  • You will be extracting and presenting well formatted data using SQL/MySQL.
  • You will be sharing feedback and brainstorming ideas with teams to improve the development process.
  • Understand basic concepts of design for developing user friendly applications.
  • Staying up to date with the latest technologies.

Expectations in the first week

  • Get yourself acquainted with the various practices followed in the team.
  • Understand and learn the different stacks and products.

Expectations in the first month

  • Build a codebase using Python for one fintech product feature.
  • Run tests to enhance product performance and document the process.

Expectations in the first six months

  • Improve the codebase for future upgrades by gathering feedback.
  • Work together with front end teams to lead development initiatives for other features.

Skills and qualifications


  • Hands on experience in using Java, Python JavaScript and PHP.
  • Experimented with data with using relational databases like SQL, MySQL and MongoDB.
  • In depth understanding of data structures, algorithms, databases and cache reloading.
  • In depth understanding of Object Oriented programming languages like Java and C++.
  • Knowledge of REST API structures and integrating third party libraries.
  • Understanding of the Agile Software Development Life Cycle and been exposed to Scrum projects.
  • Comfortable using test cases for debugging code, enhancing performance and reliability.

  • Preferred

    • Experience working remotely and coordinating tech initiatives with different teams to deliver projects.
    • Worked at any stage startup or have developed projects of their own ideas.

    Hiring Stages

    Round 1 : Assignment that involves giving a solution code to a problem statement.

    Round 2 : Technical interview testing hard and soft skills.

    Round 3 : A chat with the founder of the company.

    Round 4 : HR Round.

    Why work with us

    At XYZ, you have the opportunity to

    • Enjoy working in a fully remote (work from anywhere) role.
    • Receive a more-than-competitive salary plus benefits.
    • A transparent and interactive culture.
    • Assistance for setting up home office.
    • Expect exponential growth and learning.

    Who you'll work with

    You will be working together with the founder, the engineering team lead and design team. To know more the individuals you'll be working with you can visit their profiles here [LinkedIn profile link] or [AngelList profile link].

    How to apply

    • If you like what we do, send in your resume to the this email address [email ID].
    • If you know someone who might be a good fit, refer them to us.
    • For any questions you might have , email us at [email ID].