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Ngambou Yossa Michel

Angular Developer




Yossa is a computer science graduate with 5 years of experience in the software sphere. He has worked as a full-stack and mobile app developer. Over his career, he has developed applications for multiple domains like education, sports, telecommunication, etc. He has worked as a part of teams in the past and has also worked as a sole developer and developed apps from scratch. He is an expert in Laravel, Nodejs, React, Vuejs

Kelvin Ferreira Soares

Angular Developer




Kelvin is an Angular developer who has 5+ years of experience in the software development sphere. Being an individual contributor and a full-stack developer, he has worked with top-tier product companies and with a couple of service-based firms as well. He has worked on refactoring the existing codes and has also built applications from scratch. He is an expert in technologies like JavaScript (and its frameworks like NodeJS, Angular, ReactJS, GatsbyJS), Laravel, MongoDB, etc.

Aditya Vinnakota

Senior Angular Developer



A senior developer with ~16 years of experience, Aditya has worked both as an individual contributor and a team lead for multiple startups. Over the course of his career, he has developed solid expertise in many application development and Big Data technologies. Also, he’s an experienced freelancer who has worked on Python, NodeJS, MySQL, AWS and PHP freelance projects successfully.

Iulia Tica

Angular Developer




Iulia is a young, talented fullstack developer with a solid experience and a versatile skillset. She is adept in various languages and frameworks ranging from Java, SQL, Spring, Angular, HTML, among many others. She is a great team player, with good good technical and soft skills. She is a result oriented professional with a passion for learning and a strong work ethic. Iulia is focused on helping you reach your goal.

Humphrey Tugume

Senior Angular Developer




Humphrey is a full stack developer with 9 years of experience in the software development industry backed by a software engineering degree. He is an expert in the technologies like Angular, Python, Django, Bootstrap, etc. The projects he has worked has covered a variety of industries that include health care, banking, cloud, etc. He can execute multiple roles like an individual contributor, an architect, etc.

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Eric Grosse

Senior Angular Developer




Eric has a prolific record of building frontend for multiple large-scale web applications. Having been freelancing for the past 4 years, he has worked for various startups in roles that range from junior to lead developer. He is an experienced Angular developer and an accomplished blogger with several published tech articles under his belt.

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“I’ve been pleased with Purab’s performance and work ethics. He is proactive in flagging any issues and communicates well. The time zone difference is huge but he provides a sufficient overlap. He and I work together very well and I appreciate his expertise.”

Paul Cikatricis

UX and Conversion Optimization Lead

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How To Find The Best Angular Developers For Hire?

Angular is a framework used for building dynamic web apps, which was released as an open-source in 2010. Initially, it only supported web apps inside the browser but later extended its support to building native apps for iPhone as well as Android devices. According to Bacancy tech, about 900 thousand live websites are using Angular, and additional 2,311,914 sites have used Angular historically. The StackOverflow survey 2019 states that about 30.7% of software engineers use AngularJS and the new version Angular 2+ to create user interfaces.

If you’re looking to hire Angular developers for your company, this guide is going to help you find the perfect fit. We’ve included everything you need to know about hiring a great freelancer for your team.

Before diving into the fundamentals of hiring a freelance Angular developer, let's delve into some interesting facts about the history of Angular.

  • Origin story: Miško Hevery, a software developer at Google, built a side project to make his internal projects of building web applications more efficient. This side project later became known as AngularJS. The name angular came from the angular brackets in HTML. Misko, along with a few others, started to create a few more internal apps with AngularJS and eventually released it as an open-source project in 2010.
  • Widely popular: The United States has the most number of websites developed using Angular (65K+), followed by Taiwan(45K+) and Russia(30K+).
  • Used by top companies: Top companies like Google, Microsoft, Autodesk, MacDonald’s, Adobe, GoPro, ProtonMail, Upwork, Udemy, YouTube, Paypal, Nike, Telegram, AWS, etc. use Angular.
  • Other trivia: The purpose of Angular was to make static HTML- based documents into dynamic content. But, Google’s release of Angular 2+ in 2016 was so radical that it seemed like a complete rewrite that forced a lot of companies to migrate to other JavaScript frameworks like React. The team later in updates introduced migration techniques and tools to make the transition from Angular less painful.

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