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Flexiple is your 1-stop solution for hiring dream talent. Use our exclusive network, custom assessments, AI-powered search to hire for full-time or contract roles.

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17,500+ Hrs

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40,000+ Hrs

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/ Flexiple helps teams save 80+ hours for each hire /

Hiring was NOT meant to be a complex maze of uncertainty, pain and time drain. We help you hire the way it was meant to be done: Simple, smart & efficient

Talent Uncertainty

Tedious Shortlisting

Dream Talent

AI-powered matching

/Not just another tech hiring product

No matter your hiring challenge, we deliver a tailored solution through our mission-driven pool of developers & designers

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Hiring is uncertain

Simple switch to get 100s of interested candidates

  • With 600,000 visitors a month, dream talent globally apply to join Flexiple’s network everyday.
  • Attract them by creating a job description in 2 clicks with our intelligent JD builder.
  • Drive applications from other talent platforms like LinkedIn, Found it, etc. with Flexiple's simple integrations.

Evaluating candidates is painful

Design your custom screening process in 2 clicks

  • Get people who have been thoroughly vetted through a screening process crafted over the past 6 years.
  • Choose from assessments specially designed for every role that include multiple-choice quizzes, real-world simulations & more!

Shortlisting candidates is time consuming

GPT-powered talent search

  • Your engineers should not be hiring, they should be coding. Your recruiter should not worry about tech, they should focus on cultural fit.
  • That’s why we have built the Google Search for talent. Yes, it is as simple as a Google Search.

/ Welcome to Flexiple /

Every part of your hiring process is now supercharged

Vetted Talent Network

Access a pool of thoroughly vetted talent, handpicked and refined over years. Quality meets quantity in your quest for the perfect hire.

AI-Driven Hiring Platform

35+ insightful data points per talent, a Google search for hiring, and an AI chatbot, Jarvis to interpret resumes ensuring precision and confidence.

1-Stop Hiring Solution

Whether FTE or Contract, we automate discovery, evaluation, and matching, giving you a streamlined solution, saving you 80+ hours on each hire.

Why 100s of fast-growing companies love Flexiple

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Tell us more about the hiring challenges you are facing while building your team. We’ll show you how we can solve them.

Not enough applicants
Poor quality of talent pool
Tech team has no time to hire
No tech expertise to evaluate
I don’t have recruiters in my team
I don’t have time for hiring
Agencies are mediocre & expensive

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You've got the vision, we help you create the best squad. Pick from our highly skilled lineup of the best independent engineers in the world.

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